What is the Cheapest Laser Eye Surgery Available?

Given the wide variety of laser eye surgery practitioners in the country, there will be a range of different prices available. Once you understand that there are different operations that are accordingly priced, you can familiarise yourself with the  procedures that’s most suitable for you.

To find out more about the cost of laser eye surgery, it’s best to talk to different surgeons and get more than one expert opinion about which procedure is best for you.


Available procedures

Laser eye surgery can start from as low as £400 per eye, but in most cases the final cost will be significantly higher. The LASIK Intralase procedure, with the additional wavefront procedure, is one of the UK’s most popular procedures, costing £1,885 per eye.

Optimax offers LASEK treatment for as low as £995 per eye. If you wish to have the wavefront procedure added on, this will cost an extra £395. Basic LASIK treatment, on the other hand, will cost around £1,490 per eye, with the wavefront extension again costing an extra £395.


Guarantees and hidden costs

Clinics will sometimes advertise a very low ‘starting’ price, but the consultation which follows will frequently reveal the higher actual price for treatment. With Optimax however, there are no hidden costs and they offer a Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee, which ensures you’ll receive extra care and provides peace of mind.

So remember that clinics offering laser eye surgery at prices as low as £400 will often reveal hidden costs that will raise the price of the procedure more than you would have expected. Make sure that you find out about these costs early on before committing to the surgery.


Qualifications and other cost factors

The cost of your treatment may vary significantly according to  the condition of your eyes and your requirements for good vision. If you suffer from certain conditions, or abnormalities, your most suitable option may be a more costly procedure. On the other hand, if your condition isn’t particularly bad and you only require a minor correction, then some clinics will factor this in to the cost.


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