Resources for Women Owned Businesses

If you are a woman planning to start your own business or trying to develop a business that is currently operating, then there would be a lot of factors that you should concentrate on. The most important of those factors would be the various funding resources that might be available to you in order to commence your business and grow. Fortunately, the federal government itself has introduced several funding resources that target specifically on the needs of women business owners. This article will explain the various resources you can access in order to obtain the funding you need.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Office of Women’s Business Ownership work together with several organizations to make sure that the best funding resources are made available to women entrepreneurs. Without regard to whether you are trying to commence a new business, looking for the best small business personal loans for people with bad credit, trying to improve your existing business, or seeking contracting opportunities from the government, this guide will serve you best.

The Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO) is a part of the SBA, and exists to set up and manage a vast network of Women Business Centers (WBCs) all over the United States and also in its territories. The technical and management assistance offered by these business centers train and counsel thriving women entrepreneurs, especially those who are socially or economically underprivileged, comprehensively, on a wide variety of topics in several different languages to aid them in starting and developing a business on their own.

Prime Partner

The primary partner for such initiatives is the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC), which acts as an advisory body for women business owners. The main duty of this council is only to provide recommendations on policies, and not to provide counseling or technical training to women entrepreneurs. However, having realized the importance of training and counseling, the NWBC organizes various resources on its website, some of which include:

  • Women’s Business Centers
  • Training and Counseling
  • Small Business Development Centers
  • The Small Business Training Network
  • Government Resources
  • SCORE – Counselors to America’s Small Businesses
  • Local Training Resources

The National Women’s Business Council takes necessary steps to continuously update these resources and maintain the information up-to-date on their website.

Other Resources

Some other resources that you can benefit from include the following:

  • Make Mine a Million: An organization that offers grant awards and conducts annual events for women owned businesses, who wish to improve their annual revenue to more than a million dollars.
  • Association of Women’s Business Centers: Provides a wide range of services and support to women entrepreneurs and business owners, inclusive of ways to secure venture capital.
  • National Association for Female Executives: Provides useful information on successful women business owners, including newsletters, success stories, discounted equipment and services, and a lot more.

It is always better to seek the help of government operated organizations, rather than private ones, since there are a lot of scams on funding resources available on the internet.

Business Loans from Credit Unions – Good or Bad?

As most of you would be aware, credit unions are basically financial institutions that are owned and managed by members. Functioning similar to traditional banks, these financial institutions also comprise of credit cards, checking accounts or share drafts, and also online banking options. The original reason for the launch of these unions was to serve those people who are otherwise underserved. If you are a member of a credit union, you will get to enjoy the various benefits offered by it, inclusive of the financial services like business loans to members (MBLs).

Credit unions lend money to businesses, especially to smaller ones, including the U.S. Small Business Administration’s SBA 7(a) installment loans direct lenders. Several credit unions have started to expand their SBA loan programs with the aim of helping more members of the union to develop their business. As SBA loans usually range between $25,000 and $5 million, those small businesses that do not qualify for obtaining a traditional business loan can seek financing from credit unions.

Most SBA authorized credit unions will be able to integrate the loan application process, if you are qualified, and can bring down the time period between your loan request and when you obtain the funding on hand. SBA loans are the best possible options available for small business owners to receive the capital they need to expand their business operations, which they will not be able to get from a conventional business installment loans direct lenders, being ineligible.

If you own a business that is less than two years old and does not possess a commercial credit history that will be required for taking out traditional business financing options, then SBA loans from credit unions can serve you best. Whether it is about financing for buying of equipment or machinery, or for new construction or renovation, credit unions will guide you in determining the best loan option that will suit your requirements and also in the loan application process.

In addition to issuing small business loans, most credit unions also offer fixed as well as variable interest rate loans to about $10 million for projects pertinent to construction, commercial real estate, and multifamily. Also, there are credit unions that offer credit cards and business lines of credit, along with business savings and checking account.

Obtaining business loans from credit unions are better in many ways when compared to taking out small business loans from conventional banks and other lending institutions. The main aspect is the lower interest rates charged on loans. The credit card deals offered by credit unions are also better than that of banks, the average interest rate being 11.56% on cards issued by credit unions, which is lower when compared to the 12.85% rate on those issued by banks.

Also, obtaining business loans from credit unions is much easier than obtaining the same from larger banks. The lending decisions, repayment terms, and interest rate charges are also more flexible on loans issued by credit unions. All of these aspects together make taking out loans from credit unions the most preferred choice.



Thinking About the Future: Making Savings Goals

Money is always a popular subject; whether in regards to political manifestos, the economic situation of a country, or even just in a conversation amongst friends. When it comes to personal finance, the topic can be a bit of a taboo – we like to talk about money, but not necessarily about how much we have or don’t have. This makes sense as it is a private area of our lives, but that can mean missing out on some sound advice from people who have ‘been there, done that’.

Luckily there are other avenues that can be pretty helpful, the internet and financial advisors being just a couple of them. These are just a couple of options you could look at if you are interested in looking to a future of financial stability. Making savings is something that many of us want to do, but seem to avoid actually doing. It is possible though, and I’m here to tell you how you can do it and why it is important…

Why should you make savings goals?

Each individual is different, but having money put away can’t be that bad a thing. We never really know what is around the corner in life, so a contingency fund is nice to have just in case a scenario arises where it is needed. Of course there can be many other reasons to save; some of the most common being to afford a car, house or to put yourself or a family member through education. Not only that, but isn’t it nicer to live in the black rather than paying off a credit card or finance payment each month?

How to save

Again, each person will save money in their own way, as this is often dependent on salary and necessary outgoings. There are a number of common tips that might be helpful for you though…

Reduce your spending

Firstly you could look at ways of spending less each month. Look at your bank statement and make sure that you correctly identify each direct debit or standing order that is being paid from your account; small amounts can add up when you look at the year as a whole. You could also keep a strict budget and make sure all of the essential items such as bills and travel expenses are covered – that way you have less chance of overspending, unless there is an emergency you need to deal with.

Look at savings products

Another area to look at in further detail is where you are actually putting the money that you want to save. Your regular savings account at the bank may be convenient, but the interest rates may not be in your favour. Have a look at other options such as peer to peer loans that have secured ISA status, or even stocks and shares. Again, a financial advisor should be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to savings and investment products that suit your personal circumstances.

The best budget tips to keep your household spending in check

Households are notoriously expensive to maintain. From general maintenance and decorating to heating, lighting, water supplies and other utilities – there are plenty of expenses that need to be covered.

If you’re worried about the bill your home is racking up then follow these great budget tips to save money and keep your spending in check.

Tip #1: Reduce energy consumption

Some of the biggest costs encountered in a home are through utilities – especially energy. There are numerous home improvements you can make to cut consumption and lower bills and these include:

  • Fitting double glazing to windows and doors: the savings to your heating bill will outweigh the cost of the installation over time
  • Using a smart meter: your energy usage can be monitored from the comfort of your home or even from your smartphone – the government is planning to have every home and business fitted with a smart meter by 202 
  • Installing insulation: loss of heat through your roof or walls can add to your energy bills and cavity wall insulation can save you up to £140 per year alone
  • Switching off appliances: you can save up to £80 a year by making sure you avoid standby mode and switch off all appliances when they’re not in use

Tip #2: Shop around for the best deals

As well as addressing your use of amenities and services, it’s also vital that you shop around to get the best price for what you do use. There are numerous ways to bag a bargain and some ideas you should try include:

  • Using impartial price comparison sites: these allow you to get an overview of the different offers and deals available from all providers but you need to enter your details as accurately as possible to avoid misquotes
  • Using supplier websites to compare tariffs: as well as comparing different providers, you also need to see what different tariffs and packages are available from specific companies such as npower who have all their tariffs on their website to compare.
  • Choosing between dual-fuel and single supply packages: you’ll need to assess which is more financially beneficial for your situation
  • Looking for ways to do it yourself: generating your own energy through solar panels, for example, could help you get a better deal on these services

Tip #3: Understand your costs

To lower your household costs by as much as possible, you must understand how they are calculated. This means:

  • Identifying the highest costs: if you know which aspects of your home cost the most then it’ll be easier to implement changes
  • Understanding how prices are generated: this means speaking to service providers and asking for a breakdown of costs
  • Calculating regular expenditures and budgets: your household should operate to a strict budget and you should review expenditures on monthly, quarterly and annually figures for the most comprehensive overview of your spending
  • Checking geographical factors: it is widely known that where you live can affect the price of various services – the heat map below shows how energy waste differs between the UK’s north and south












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The Mortgage Market Review and the mortgage misfits

At the end of April, one of the most significant financial changes in the UK for a number of years took place.  Those that are looking to apply for a mortgage within the next couple of years should definitely sit up and take notice.

The Mortgage Market Review

The Mortgage Market Review was a comprehensive study of the UK mortgage market designed to help increase the sustainability of the market.  The study’s recommendations have led to several changes in the way UK mortgage applications are managed.  These include:

  • The movement of responsibility for judging mortgage affordability from brokers and intermediaries to lenders.  Lenders are now held totally responsible for verifying income and expenditure and assessing borrower suitability (in the case of fully advised sales processes).
  • All individuals conducting mortgage sales must now have a relevant mortgage qualification
  • Mortgage sellers can no longer use a non-advised sales process, i.e. a process through which the borrower selects their mortgage product from a provided list.  All lenders will be required to establish which product most suits the borrower as part of the advised sales process.

What does this actually mean?

The main point to take from the new regulation is that those applying for a mortgage will now be required to provide even more detail as to both their income and expenditure.  On some occasions, mortgages that would have been accessible under the previous process may now be slightly out of reach.  However, there are some ways in which soon-to-be applicants can help ease the process and also increase their chances of obtaining the right policy:

Prepare details on expenditure.  Whilst income has obviously played a key part in mortgage applications for years, the new regulatory changes have meant that lenders will also explore expenditure in more depth.  This includes applicant spending habits on things such as childcare, household bills, food and travel, amongst others. Providing this detail means that lenders won’t have to rely solely on computer data, meaning they’ll have a more accurate picture of your finances.

Take care of credit ratings.  Credit ratings have always impacted on the mortgage process, and that will continue to be the case under the new regulations.  Having a solid credit rating is an extremely effective way to demonstrate fiscal responsibility.  Ensure that you always make payments on-time, keep your accessible credit to what you need, and remove any credit (such as cards) that you’re no longer using.

Demonstrate general stability.  In addition to the credit record, it’s vital for borrowers to demonstrate that they are fiscally sensible, and also stable.  This can be achieved through a number of factors, including avoiding any major financial changes (such as taking on more credit or changing jobs) in the run up to the application, being on the current electoral roll and having a telephone land-line in place.

For more information on the mortgage market review, visit the Ipswich Building Society website.

HELOC : Manage them well for financial freedom

HELOC offer a great means to take care of your debts which are going out of bounds. You can use the money to regain your financial stability. This can be dangerous if not repaid as per the agreed terms.

HELOC or the Home Equity line of credit is an excellent way to get huge amounts of money in the form of a loan when you need it the most. These loans are generally taken to tide over difficult financial status and by no means are a small obligation. One has to be very careful while taking these loans. They come with several fees and associated charges along with an interest rate on them. All of this has to be calculated in order to assess the real status in terms of profitability of the loans.

If managed well, these loans can be really good. The interest rates offered on them are in no ways comparable to what you will get from any of the lenders. When you need money for consolidation of your existing debt, HELOC can be the best option for you.

HELOC’s generally offer variable interest rates and not the usual fixed ones. These rates of interest keep on changing. When the rate of interest increases it would have a direct impact on your monthly repayment and thus your monthly repayment amount will also shoot up considerably.

Because of erratic behaviour of economic conditions one cannot predict that when would the interest rate fluctuate. Your new monthly payment can be anything depending on the increase or decrease of the interest rates. If the interest rates are more or have increased then your repayment amount can increase sharply, even turning into something which you cannot afford. If you are unable to repay the owed amount then it would affect your credit score as well. The fine print of your HELOC should bear a maximum rate of interest figure, but in case your current interest rate is 8% and the maximum rate of interest on unsecured loan which could be charged is 22% then this will not be a very pleasant news for you.

If the interest rate fluctuates and shots up, it will not only increase your monthly repayment amount but also increase your relative overall cost of borrowing. Your entire loan amount would increase beyond the anticipated figure. This would not be a comforting scenario for you. If you end up paying larger repayment amount every month, it would leave you with lesser disposable income. Your expenses would swell whereas your income would decrease. This will not be a favourable situation for you and it might force you into taking other loans.

One way to avoid falling into this vicious trap is to go for a home equity loan. It charges a fixed rate of interest instead of a HELOC. Also you can go for fixed rate of interest loan options which are offered by HELOC.

Loans with fixed interest rate removes the risk but you might end up paying a little more than the variable rate of interest. The variable interest rate might also reduce thereby lowering your monthly repayment amount. But in case of fixed loan the repayment amount would remain the same.

Unpredictable Monthly payments can upset your budget

HELOC can lead to financial instability in a big way. When the interest rate increases your monthly repayment also shoots up. Whereas if the interest rates fall down your monthly repayment amount also shoots down. It can be really difficult and tricky situation to formulate an accurate budget in order to manage your finances. Thus management of finance gets dubious and unstable affair.

There are some borrowers who are risk takers. They are okay with the risk involved with taking of HELOC. But then the risk sometimes can hit the borrower in a very bad way making their financial position really shaky and without any surety.

More money in your hands can spoil your spending habits

HELOC comes with a variety of lucrative advantages. For example the cost of raising the HELOC loan is not much. It might be near to $100 which is not a very huge sum to spend in order to get rid of your financial problems. Also the variable interest rate can also lead to lower repayment of the loan amount. But everything related to it is uncertain and full of risk.

When people have this option of borrowing money whenever they want then it sort of makes them dependent. Taking HELOC is an easy way out to combat your money problem. But who does not like easy procedures. Thus this might lead to unwanted spending sprees.

It establishes a false air of having surplus money in the mind of borrowers. Borrowers are in this enigma that they have huge sum of money and they can do anything with them. This leads to increase in their overall expenses which are not a good sign. Thus your financial condition drifts from good to bad to even worse.

So, the money you get in the form of loan from a HELOC should never be spend on trivial matters. You need to be aware of the way you are using this money and should use it only in case of emergencies which you cannot deal with taking any of the alternative course of action.

Short term loans – Saviour in bad times

Getting short term loans might be the easiest of the things one can do when they are faced with acute emergencies. However, of one can control themselves and avoid these loans altogether, it can be a great step.
If you are unaware of the term Short term loans, it means that you are the lucky one. This is so because if you have not taken these loans indicate that you been able to maintain your financial status to the levels where you could meet your emergencies from your own sources.

A lot of people who live their lives from pay check to pay check are found to struggle when they are faced with sudden emergency situations. Getting short term loans from the banks is not possible as they do not offer such loans. One can get these loans from a different class of lenders who would charge interest rate in the range of 100% and more. For those who cannot money from any alternative source, these loans come as a saviour. However, looking at the kind terms and conditions these loans attract, it makes a lot of sense to stay away or avoid taking these installment loans direct lenders as far as possible.

Are short term loan really helpful?

A short term loan is a blessing in disguise for people who have short term cash problem. If your pay check for the next month is due, but your expenses are piling, you don’t have to worry as you can take help of short term loans and postpone your problems. You will have to submit a post dated check with your lender as a guarantee. You can avail for the money immediately and end up your financial crisis. Whenever you would receive your pay check the lender would en-cash the check which you had given to the lender and recover his or her money.

People with bad or low credit score are the ideal customers for a short term loan. People who have some extra expenses and are still waiting for their pay check can take this type of loan for dealing with their expenses. It is a way of living without financial hassles without having to ask for handouts.

Immediate Relief, Long term trouble

Short term loans come with horrendous amount of interest charges. They come in small loan sizes and sub-par lender reliability. The lenders are mean and normally rank their own profit before customer’s problems. The high interest rate and additional fees is the main reason that people fall into a sort of debt trap when they take up short term loans. Because of all these reasons it is better to avoid such loans and go for any other alternative. If not managed well, short term loans can disrupt your credit score in a big way.

The amount of interest loans charged by lenders is huge. The annualized interest rate can go high from 200% to 500%, and this is the standard we are talking about. In order to prevent customers or borrowers from such lenders, government puts a cap on the interest limit which a lender can charge. But normally the lenders come out of this situation very smartly. They charge interest by the name of service fees. Service fees does not come under the jurisdiction of Government, thus lenders get a clear chit under such case.

Small amounts – Can be saved

Lenders normally don’t lend exorbitant amount of money to borrowers. They normally don’t authorize anything more than $400 to borrowers. In case they want more they will have to pledge something. This also goes in favour of the lenders as in case borrower is unable to pay the lender has the right to take over the borrower’s pledged property. Small amount also comes with another benefit. It diversifies their customers range. More people come forward to take short term loans. Moreover spending money over more customers reduces the risk of lender. These small amounts come with high interest rates, which is again a huge profit gearing tool for lenders.

Keeping these loans at bay

Short term loans no doubt help you in dealing with your financial problems. But then it also creates a sense of dependency. The type of dependency which is not healthy. People take these loans in order to meet their immediate expenses, and it surely helps them in recovering with their financial crisis. But what next, the high interest rate which comes along with the short term loans are still to be dealt with. People often fall in this trap and find it incredibly difficult to pay off the loan amount along with the excruciating interest attached to it. Non-payment of the amount can affect their credit score as well as report in a big way. Most of the short term lenders have now started reporting to the credit bureaus. Which means extra trouble for you. In case you are not able to pay, you will have to shell out a heavy price for it. It could leave your credit score scarred for a very long period of time.


You should not take a pay day loan until and unless it is the last alternative left for you. The perils of taking short term loans are far more than the perks attached to them. So it is better to avoid it and use in emergency situations only.

Consolidation loans to ease out the stress for the students!

When the students struggle to make repayments towards the loans availed to pursue higher education, the option of consolidation can solve the issue. However, it is only after graduating that the students are eligible for this offer. As it can be availed only once, it is inevitable to approach it with care. The federal student loans can be consolidated into federal direct loan. The advantage is that you are offered forgiveness program with this plan. While graduation is the main eligibility criterion, there are other requirements as well to get approved. This should be verified with the loan provider.

How to get the offer with flexible terms?

When the application is submitted, it is essential to prove that you are not committed to any other loan program. Stafford loans are eligible for consolidation loan program. Both subsidized and unsubsidized loans are approved. In order to get a better deal, it is necessary to shop around patiently. You can get quotes online to compare the offers. Enabling automatic payments help to get more flexible terms and discount offers. The lenders tend to relax the loan terms and reduce the interest rates for the consumers who are prompt in the repayments.

The fine print of the program should be studied well for a clear understanding before signing the agreement. If you apply for federal direct loan program, you can expect to get the offer with fixed interest rates and there is the advantage of forgiveness program. By consolidating the student loans, you can lower the  monthly payments as the consolidation loans are offered with lower interest rates than you have been paying hitherto. The overall cost of the loan gets increased as the term of the loan is stretched. You end up paying more towards the interest although the monthly payments are lower.

It takes longer to clear the entire loan. However, you can settle the loan sooner than agreed by paying additional amount every month towards the loan repayments. The consolidation loan can be obtained both online and offline. Online deal gets completed faster. Filling the loan application form with the required details and submitting online along with the necessary documents helps to get the loan in a shorter time than the time taken for offline deal. Since there is much demand for the offer, you need to apply within the deadline so that your application is considered. The details of the offer can be availed from the Financial Aid Department of your education institution.

You can be guided by the concerned officials and be helped to understand the requirements and the loan process. Those who have opted to defer the repayments can apply for consolidation loans and retain the grace time as originally agreed. The customer service department representatives offer services by helping the consumers with the perfect choice of consolidation loan to suit the respective needs. The consolidation loan is an ideal offer to ease out the stress due to the student loan repayments and the offer can be made best use of with proper planning.

Cheap Entertainment Options When It’s Raining

Even though it’s raining outside it doesn’t imply that there aren’t plenty of things you can find to do. Whether you choose to stay home or go out, dress for the weather with boots and splash and umbrellas within the puddles . . . just use a little imagination and don’t let the weather put you off.


Staying Home on a Wet Afternoon

• Build a city from cardboard – it’s great fun. Just gather as many cardboard boxes since you can find (you may have to go into the garage) and start your architectural delight. You can get cardboard cities from the store but it’s much more fun to make your own personal. If your cardboard buildings usually are not very sturdy just stuff them with a little newspaper.

• Indoor hopscotch – is a good favorite up and down the hallway? Alternatively, what about outdoor hopscotch splashing from the puddles?


• Making a puppet theater and putting on a show – it’s terrific, simple and easy , cheap fun. Let your imagination run wild.

• Making homemade play dough – and then playing with it. How about making play dough food, hot dogs and pizzas are great and easy fun.

• Provide an indoor picnic – they could be just as much fun as outdoor picnics (almost). Simply lay a blanket over the living room carpet and begin munching. Indoor camping is likewise great fun, tents can be made employing an old sheet and chairs or similar, this makes a wonderful place to enjoy your indoor picnic too.

• Make a musical instrument – there are numerous great musical instruments you can make using normal household ingredients. Percussion instruments are undoubtedly the easiest – yogurt pot filled with rice or dried beans anybody? Rubber bands also create a good plucking sound when pulled tightly across a container.

• Baking cookies – after which eating them. This is great fun for kids of every age group, and the cleaning afterwards implies that this relatively harmless activity can care for many wet hours. Write your own recipe or even a cookbook if you are really adventurous you can experiment a little bit and.


• Carpet golf – even when you don’t come with an indoor golf set you possibly can make your own clubs with rolled up newspaper and masking tape . . . plus a little imagination needless to say. Any old ball is going to do but don’t be tempted to generate a hole inside your carpet, only make a target from a box on its side by using a sticky flag on top, that will do the trick.

Hanging Out on a Wet Afternoon

• Museums are a fantastic option for wet afternoons, they can be usually highly affordable to visit and sometimes even free. Of course, keep in mind wet afternoons are probably the busiest periods for many museums.

• Exhibition / Trade Shows in addition provide a little wet afternoons entertainment so be on the lookout for what’s going on within your local area. You never know, you might even be able to benefit from the situation to buy a new kitchen / redesign your garden / learn about the latest kitchen gadgets. The best exhibitors will probably use something like a trade show pop up display to truly catch your attention. Many trade show exhibitions will also have some type of entertainment or “hands on” stuff to keep visiting children happy.

Simply because it’s raining the fun certainly doesn’t need to stop. Check online at for details of things which come in useful.

How to finance being an England fan this summer

It has been difficult being an England fan in the 21st Century as numerous disappointments in major tournaments and poor performances have led to a significant reduction in hope and belief that the national team will prosper at Brazil 2014. Qualifying for the World Cup was relatively straightforward, although it was not without numerous nervy moments and poor performances against nations that England were expected to sweep aside. Despite their struggles, there can be no doubt that the nation will get behind their team in Brazil and continue to support them through thick and thin. It will naturally result in a considerable increase in sales across merchandise, official England shirts, flags and other paraphernalia that can be utilised to cover every town and city in England colours to celebrate the World Cup in style.

Being an England fan is certainly not a cheap experience to go through. Although undivided loyalty and support for the national team is fully justified, the upcoming World Cup may result in considerable expenditure through firmly nailing your colours to the mast. Purchasing a replica shirt, flag and scarf is standard procedure for any England fan to proudly support their country at a major football tournament, but none of these items come cheap. Other forms of merchandise, such as badges, hat, fridge magnets and mugs, further extend the level of expense created by passionate football fans. It may lead to many people looking for an additional source of income to supplement their support for the England national team.

Enter the world of betting

Millions of pounds are likely to be spent on betting throughout the 2014 World Cup as the gambling industry is set to go into overdrive. Football is arguably one of the most popular and profitable markets as punters regular place bets on domestic and international fixtures on a daily and weekly basis. A plethora of specialist markets, such as first goal scorer, BTTS and accumulators, provide punters with the perfect opportunity to make a potential profit whilst watching the excitement, drama and tension of the World Cup unfold. Those who are new to the gambling industry are highly advised to spend time researching into how each bet and their odds work. England fans may be keen to enjoy a cheeky flutter early doors, particularly as England are not fancied at all to qualify from their group, let alone be the winner of the World Cup, which may limit to number of games to bet on to just three.

Become a blogger

England fans, like any other, are likely to formulise their own views and opinions on the England team, and perhaps the World Cup in general, throughout this summer’s tournament. Roy Hodgson’s squad selection, England’s performances and the form of certain players are to name but three potential talking points that could be utilised within a blog by those who wish to have their thoughts heard in the public domain. Blogs carry the potential to be read by millions of people worldwide who log onto the internet in search of insightful, objective articles that catch their attention. Creating a football blog can also be utilised for its potential financial gain, with Google AdSense allowing blog authors to earn money via pay-as-you-click adverts. While the ultimate purpose of any blog is to put your feelings and words online for the world to read, the potential financial gain can be put towards a replica shirt and other memorabilia to cheer England on.

Write for money

Content writing continues to grow as an industry that is fundamental to the success experienced by millions of companies across the world. Digital marketing agencies carry out regular nationwide searches to find writers who are capable of writing engrossing, unique content to a set brief and deadline. Agencies receive regular requests from companies across every industry who wishes to further promote their website through specialist content that contains SEO techniques, such as keywords and Meta tags, which help to improve their page ranking on search engines. Becoming a content writer can be a hugely profitable venture for any England fan that possess good writing skills, as agencies offer excellent rates per word or article which can supplement the purchase of England paraphernalia to celebrate the World Cup in style.


Play casino games

While football betting may be a preferred jaunt for avid England fans, they may also consider entering the world of casino gaming to financially supplement themselves ahead of the World Cup. Football supporters have the option of travelling to their local casino, or logging into an online casino or casino app in the comfort of their own home via a smartphone or tablet device to enjoy the luxurious qualities and potential riches of playing slot, table and card games. Placing money on poker, roulette, blackjack and other casino games can result in making enough profit from your original deposit to add more finances into your personal ‘England supporter’ bank.

Become an Ebay seller

Keeping old or unused items may create unnecessary clutter in your household, and could instead be utilised to make money ahead of the World Cup. Certain products may carry childhood memories and significant relevance that deserve to be kept, but many others could be sold to people around the world who may have good use for them. Registering an account on Ebay can allow England fans to sell a multitude of items, such as old clothes, DVDs and computer consoles, across the world to raise considerable funds towards purchasing an England replica shirt. The potential money that could be earned from becoming an Ebay seller may fund parties during every England game for friend, family members and neighbours to come over and watch the Three Lions in action in Brazil.